The Game: A Rookie Firefighter's Manual For Success (Paperback)

The Game: A Rookie Firefighter's Manual For Success By Renick Sampson Cover Image
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WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT'S REALLY LIKETO BE A ROOKIE FIREFIGHTER? With over twenty years of experience, Renick Sampson will prepare you for the many roles and expectations of a rookie firefighter, and will explain the different points that are critical to your success during probation. After reading The Game, you'll be ready to start your career with the knowledge of an experienced firefighter in your back pocket.FROM THE AUTHOR: "I saw a hole in the way future firefighters here in the United States prepare for their careers. All of the focus is on developing skills and tactics. And even though those tools allow a firefighter to be successful at the scene of an emergency, very few rookies understand what is expected of them when they show up to the station for their first shift. There is little to no rookie expectation training and many probationary firefighters are not able to learn their role in the firehouse fast enough. This leads to added stress, issues during probation, and possibly even termination for those who can't keep up."- -Don't enter your hard-earned career blind Read The Game-be prepared.

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ISBN: 9780692946862
ISBN-10: 0692946861
Publisher: 2020 Publishing
Publication Date: September 20th, 2017
Pages: 76
Language: English