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The Sales Advantage: How to Get It, Keep It, and Sell More Than Ever (Dale Carnegie Books)

The Sales Advantage: How to Get It, Keep It, and Sell More Than Ever (Dale Carnegie Books)

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Publication Date: March 16th, 2013
Free Press
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Now, for the first time ever, the time-tested, proven techniques perfected by the world-famous Dale Carnegie® sales training program are available in book form.

The two crucial questions most often asked by salespeople are: "How can I close more sales?" and "What can I do to reduce objections?" The answer to both questions is the same: You learn to sell from a buyer's point of view.

Global markets, increased technology, information overload, corporate mergers, and complex products and services have combined to make the buying/selling process more complicated than ever. Salespeople must understand and balance these factors to survive amid a broad spectrum of competition. Moreover, a lot of what the typical old-time salesperson did as recently as ten years ago is now done by e-commerce. The new sales professional has to capture and maintain customers by taking a consultative approach and learning to unearth the four pieces of information critical to buyers, none of which e-commerce alone can yield. The Sales Advantage will enable any salesperson to develop long-term customer relationships and help make those customers more successful—a key competitive advantage. The book includes specific advice for each stage of the eleven-stage selling process, such as:
• How to find prospects from both existing and new accounts
• The importance of doing research before approaching potential customers
• How to determine customers' needs, such as their primary interest (what they want), buying criteria (requirements of the sale), and dominant buying motive (why they want it)
• How to reach the decision makers
• How to sell beyond questions of price

The cutting-edge sales techniques in this book are based on interviews accumulated from the sales experiences of professionals in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. This book, containing more than one hundred examples from successful salespeople representing a wide variety of products and services from around the world, provides practical advice in each chapter to turn real-world challenges into new opportunities.

The Sales Advantage is a proven, logical, step-by-step guide from the most recognized name in sales training. It will create mutually beneficial results for salespeople and customers alike.

About the Author

Dale Carnegie (1888–1955) described himself as a “simple country boy” from Missouri but was also a pioneer of the self-improvement genre. Since the 1936 publication of his first book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, he has touched millions of readers and his classic works continue to impact lives to this day. Visit for more information.

Michael Crom is a Board Member of Dale Carnegie & Associates and is also Dale Carnegie’s grandson. 

Praise for The Sales Advantage: How to Get It, Keep It, and Sell More Than Ever (Dale Carnegie Books)

John W. Thiel Managing Director, Merrill Lynch While knowledge is fundamental, what highlights the professional salesperson is the skill and attitude he displays. The Sales Advantage creates a playbook to develop these skills and attitudes and to perfect the sales process from the critical perspective -- namely the client's. The Dale Carnegie Human Relations Principles, along with years of field experience, inspired this must-read for the sales professional.

Gerhard Gschwandtner Founder and Publisher, Selling Power Magazine: Solutions for Sales Management The Sales Advantage follows the blueprint for writing books that made Dale Carnegie a worldwide bestselling author. There isn't a single idea in the book that hasn't been field-tested with a real customer and classroom-tested by a Dale Carnegie instructor. The result is a book packed with brilliant sales gems destined to enrich every reader and delight their customers.

Jason Gonella Vice President of Sales, Premium Services for the Philadelphia Eagles The Sales Advantage increased our sales and made our sales people more effective and productive. It's a great system that really worked for us.

Brad Houge John Deere Company, North American Training Shortly after training our people with the Dale Carnegie Sales Advantage approach, one of our dealers had a big success at their open house. They sold four times more product than at previous similar events. The objective of The Sales Advantage is to strengthen the performance and behavior of salespeople. We saw it happen. John Deere Company uses the Sales Advantage program to improve both our sales staff's performance and the bottom line for our clients and us. The concepts provide a repeatable and proven sales process that helps salespeople to sell from a buyer's point of view. Once the concepts were implemented we saw a positive behavioral change in our salespeople and in their results.