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Where is Robin? USA

Where is Robin? USA

Current price: $17.80
Publication Date: October 1st, 2017
Diplomat Books


Take flight with Robin as she travels throughout the USA. Fly over towering skyscrapers and across gigantic bridges and historic landmarks. Have fun exploring and discovering all the wonderful cultures and traditions this land has to offer. Through all of her adventures, Robin connects with local people and places to discover their culture, history, and why they are unique.

About the Author

Robin N. Barone is the author of the new children's book series Where Is Robin? She is an avid traveler has lived in New York, Washington D.C., Buenos Aires, Paris, and Singapore in addition to visiting over 50 countries and 5 continents. 

Praise for Where is Robin? USA

"This book is a terrific springboard for conversations about the wonderful places that there are to see in the United States. While all of the places just receive a brief mention, you can take a few minutes to share your knowledge or experiences of the different places. One of the things that I really like about this book is the texture of the cover. It feels rubbery. Sort of. This will resist food spills. It won’t be easily torn. It will be really durable and will hold up through many repeated readings." —Nina Lois,

"Where is Robin? USA is a beautiful children’s picture book that explores the USA. Robin is a restless little bird, ready to leave the nest. She promises to return home after her travels. She visits various cities, states and landmarks throughout this colorfully illustrated book. The book includes a separate map that you can look over as the book is being read."  —

"As I read this children's book I found myself eagerly waiting to see which part of the United States Robin would discover next. An excellent book for your grandchild or any child for that matter." —Karen Best Wright,