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Secrets of Stone and Sea

Secrets of Stone and Sea

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Publication Date: October 18th, 2022
Roaring Brook Press
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A summer visiting grandma turns into an epic life-or-death middle-grade adventure about twin brothers who must use their wits to keep the god of the sea from sinking their city.

Rise, the ocean rise,
Rise and greet the shore,
With red and bread, he feeds on the dead
And meets you at the door.

In Allison K. Hymas's Secrets of Stone and Sea, twelve-year-old identical twins Peter and Kai are spending the summer in the town of Seaspire when ancient legends quickly pit the boys against a furious sea creature with the power to destroy worlds and sink cities. To prevent it from drowning the entire town of Seaspire, they'll have to solve a set of codes and puzzles with ties to the lost city of Atlantis.

About the Author

Allison K. Hymas was born on the anniversary of the day Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly nonstop and solo across the Atlantic. She was born in Utah and raised in Virginia and Pennsylvania, where she enjoyed spending time in the mountains and forests. She currently lives in Provo, UT, where she teaches writing, visits national parks, and runs very long distances for fun. Her books include The Explorer's Code and Secrets of Stone and Sea.

Praise for Secrets of Stone and Sea

"History and mythology explosively converge in a sibling-centered, summertime New England fantasy. . . . Cheeky humor and familiar lore keep the cinematic scenes moving, while themes of powerful familial bonds, teamwork, and leveraging individual strengths ground the quick-moving plotline." —Publishers Weekly

"Readers with an interest in codes and ciphers will be impressed with the clues embedded in the story and the layers of sea versus land allusions as the hints and secrets are revealed." —Kirkus Reviews

"This action-packed book will engage young readers with clever wordplay and mysteries, as Kai and Peter face their fears on land and sea." —BCCB

Praise for The Explorer's Code:

Full of puzzles and intrigue, this is a delectable treat for readers wanting a brainteaser or two in an intricately paced package.” —Kirkus Reviews

"The Explorer's Code contains the perfect trifecta for middle-grade readers: buried secrets, puzzles to decode, and a dark, creepy old manor house to explore. A great addition to the adventure genre." —Suzanne Selfors, national bestselling author of The Imaginary Veterinary series and Braver