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Freedom Is Your Only Choice: 108 Questions to Discover Your True Self

Freedom Is Your Only Choice: 108 Questions to Discover Your True Self

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Publication Date: September 1st, 2015
Divine Arts


Ajay Kapoor's retreats are attended by spiritual seekers from all over the world. Freedom Is Your Only Choice, the sequel to his previous book Free Your Mind, collects their deepest and most sincere questions related to the common issues that all of us -- meditators or non--meditators -- face in life, especially on how to attain freedom from our restlessness and pain. Presented in a reader- friendly format, Ajay Kapoor shares his insights on each question and gives answers meaningful for both beginning and advance meditators. Each full answer is summarized and condensed into a mantra--like teaching that can be used as a meditation tool. Underlying all responses is the insight that within each of us resides a true self in a state of unconditioned peace, love, and calm awareness. We have the possibility of attaining that state provided we let go of our deep attachment to that which is not conducive to this attainment. Freedom Is Your Only Choice will inspire readers and provide clarity about their choices in life. The questions and their answers will help clear confusion so that the brilliant radiance of the true self can be experienced.

About the Author

Ajay Kapoor was born in New Delhi and followed the teachings of Ramakrishna before developing his own meditation method called Z Meditation. In 1995 he founded the Z Meditation Center in Dharamsala. He offers retreats and workshops to thousands of students around the world. He lives in Dharamsala, India.