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Thank You, Miyuki

Thank You, Miyuki

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Publication Date: September 1st, 2020
Princeton Architectural Press
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An enchanting intergenerational children's story and picture book about gratitude and mindfulness, enhanced by Seng Soun Ratanavanh's gorgeous Japanese-inspired illustrations.

Miyuki can’t wait to begin her day of play, but her grandfather is engaged in tai chi and meditation. Miyuki's curiosity is piqued, and soon Miyuki is excited to learn to meditate too! "When do we start?" she asks repeatedly. Grandfather enjoys the warm sun and stops to smell a rose, inviting Miyuki to join him.
Together they admire the garden, observe the river, and gaze at the clouds. An afternoon spent in contemplation of nature deepens their gratitude for each other and the world around them, and Miyuki comes to understand that meditation takes the form of small acts of mindfulness throughout her day.
This endearing story invites young readers to appreciate the many small moments of delight and wonder.

About the Author

A graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Paris, illustrator and painter Seng Soun Ratanavanh lives just outside of Paris, France.

Prize-winning writer, poet, and children's book author Roxane Marie Galliez has a doctorate in the history of ancient civilizations and traveled the Pacific Islands for several years as a researcher and journalist. She lives near Saint-Etienne, France.

Praise for Thank You, Miyuki

"Joy emerges in the discovery of small things in the world. A compelling double-page spread places a small Miyuki and Grandpa up and off to the side as he reminds her of all that they have contemplated, communicating to young readers that we are but a part of our world—not the whole of it. The stylized nature of these highly patterned, textured illustrations plays with size and scale, light and color, to immerse readers in the delight and peace inherent in meditation, contemplation, and reflection. A tale that blooms in its realism and message of kindness and love."
– STARRED REVIEW Kirkus Reviews

"The book’s signature, fanciful Japanese-inspired illustrations are full of bright origami paper patterns and whimsical, oversized flowers as the girl and her grandfather explore, observe, and reflect on the natural beauty all around them, perhaps learning about meditation after all."
– STARRED REVIEW Foreword Reviews

The lively, lyrical prose is an ideal complement to the gorgeous watercolor-and-pencil illustrations, which incorporate traditional Japanese imagery and yuzen patterns into fanciful, imaginative scenes, like the pair dwarfed by lotus bloom and inside a teacup....Though some concepts might need explaining (such as Tai Chi), this overall gives a sense of what meditation can be and highlights appreciating nature’s beauty with someone special.
– Booklist

"Thank You, Miyuki fits so gently into the Miyuki series created by Galliez and Ratanavanh that the reader will glide easily from Time for Bed, Miyuki to Patience, Miyuki and right into this third installment and never lose the sense of enchantment....It is hard to find anything to be critical about; Thank You, Miyuki is a treasure."
– New York Review of Books

"This book has a sweetness and innocence to it. The colors are beautiful and the pictures just make it come alive. You see the imagination of a young child and the thought process. I love how it teaches to be in the present and take time for nature and the things around you."
– Crafty Moms Share

"Probably the best mindfulness picture book I’ll ever have the pleasure to meet....In this latest title, Miyuki begs her Grandpa to show her how to meditate. She then proceeds to act EXACTLY like a small child would, never staying still, flitting about like a butterfly while her grandfather takes everything in slowly. And yet, by the end of the book, it turns out that Miyuki, in her own way, has been paying attention to the world around her. A book that beautifully brings to life Miyuki’s observation, 'doesn’t it feel good to be here right now?'"
– School Library Journal

"The story is beautiful! And my daughter was surprisingly obsessed with this book. It follows Miyuki and her Grandfather around for the day teaching the concept that every moment of the day is an opportunity to meditate and practice mindfulness/presence."
– Confused Millennial