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Publication Date: August 29th, 2023
Little Simon
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From the bestselling author of Curls, Glow, Bloom, and Ours comes a counting board book about ten friends who add up to something wonderful!

only one

but now we are two
and now we are three

Introduce young ones to the concept of counting from one to ten while celebrating themes of friendship and community.

About the Author

Ruth Forman is the author of bestselling children’s books Curls, Glow, Bloom, Ours, One, and Like So, as well as award-winning poetry collections We Are the Young Magicians and Renaissance. 

Katura Gaines is a self-taught digital and traditional artist. At the start of her life, she began drawing anime and cartoons. As she got older, she noticed there weren’t a lot of characters who represented the people in her life. To fix this, she began drawing a more diverse array of characters who represented the people around her. Katura’s art journey has involved various mediums and styles, and she’s worked with several authors to bring their stories and characters to life. She is best known for her personal paintings of vibrant scenes, featuring women of color and soothing palettes.