The Last of a Salty Breed (Hardcover)

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Just as the Romans built roads to create and maintain their empire, so the British ruled the ocean waves with ships, and created the biggest empire the world has seen. The Last of a Salty Breed tells tales about British ships, seamen, and the many millions of folk who were voluntarily or forcibly shipped to the four corners of the world to create new countries. This book takes a conventional, chronological narrative interspersed by interludes between the chapters. They are light-hearted or poignant in nature, in many cases highlighting the high and low points of seafaring, and the harrowing voyages of times past. The author, a former maritime journalist for the New Zealand Herald and a ship deck officer, adds to the narrative his personal experiences and those of his maritime ancestors, who stretch back to the 1700s. The main "characters" are ships and prominent seafarers who made history one way or another, from Elizabethan mariners to present time, and include the author's long family history of seafaring. "The dual dialogue and the subject a very worthy one, as to my knowledge there is no history of the New Zealand Merchant Navy, only books about ships and individual shipping companies." - Captain Hamish Ross, editor of "Sea Breezes," the worldwide magazine of ships and the sea Roy Vaughan was a World War II baby brought up in Wales. He spent an appreciable part of his childhood living in Jersey, The Channel islands, and it was there he first became interested in ships. He went to sea as a cadet officer, migrating to New Zealand in 1964. Publisher's website: http: //

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Publication Date: September 11th, 2015
Pages: 472
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