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How to Bury Your Dog

How to Bury Your Dog

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Publication Date: December 2nd, 2021
Black Rose Writing
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"An introverted animal lover gets drawn into an anti-development fight in this literary novel. An absorbing, restorative tale of community and nature." -Kirkus Reviews

How to Bury Your Dog is for readers who love multigenerational stories with a strong sense of setting and a touch of the surreal.

Lizzy has been leading an insulated life: she tends her adopted strays and goes to work at the blood lab, but she has forsaken lifelong pastimes and declines invitations from old friends. On the day she buries Happy, the abandoned basset hound she adopted years before, she learns a real estate developer is threatening the heart of her rural community-a tranquil pond and a relict stand of hemlocks. For Lizzy this is a magical place, hidden from the modern world.

Coaxed by an old friend to join a group fighting the development, Lizzy is reluctant-she wants to avoid both hope and him. But she realizes she can no longer keep the outside world at bay. As the battle over the development unfolds, and the dynamics among Lizzy's remaining pets shift, she opens herself to two young neighbors who share her love of the natural environment-an awkward sixteen-year-old and an inquisitive ten-year-old. And as Happy's elements return to the earth, buried memories find their way to the surface in increasingly curious ways.