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My Life Tracker: A Habit Journal to Help You Map Out and Manage Your Life

My Life Tracker: A Habit Journal to Help You Map Out and Manage Your Life

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Publication Date: January 3rd, 2023
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Including motivational tips and inspiring quotations, this beautiful fill-in journal will allow readers to set goals and map out their habits throughout the year with simple but effective trackers.

With trackers to help you chronicle everything from your mood to your spending, this book has all the tools you need to see the big picture of your daily life

Whether you want to understand your sleep patterns or social media usage, hit a fitness goal, or simply find joy in documenting your day, My Life Tracker is the ideal place to start. You’ll find a variety of interactive pages where you can record all aspects of your life, month by month, including:

·         Your budget and spending habits

·         Your meditation and wellness habits

·         Your exercise sessions and goals

·         Your sleep, hydration and diet

·         The books you’ve read

Tracking your routine with a journal gives you instant visual feedback and can show you how different aspects of your life interact to affect your well-being. It’s fast, it’s fun and, best of all, it’s so easy! By spending just a few minutes on your journal each day, you will quickly build up a picture of who you are and where you want to go.

About the Author

Anna Barnes has a longstanding interest in mindfulness and emotional wellbeing. She enjoys coastal walks and t'ai chi.