The Seeker's Truth (Paperback)

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Vallus has been training his whole life for this moment. In a once prosperous world that has long since been abandoned by its gods and left in ruins, humanity lives on hope; hope of an answer. Why did the gods abandon them? In search of this answer, a select few follow their destiny to become Seekers, endeavouring on dangerous missions to enter the ancient vaults in search of knowledge. While this vault may be the most savage Vallus has encountered, it may also hold what he is looking for - but first, he must fight. Accompanied by his trusty droid, Pip, the Seeker must use all his wits and strength to navigate a hoard of madmen, furious droids, wrathful kings, and perhaps even the gods themselves. But can he survive long enough to complete his mission? What if the long-awaited answers are nothing near what humanity imagined - and what if there is nothing to discover at all?

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ISBN: 9781800746947
ISBN-10: 1800746946
Publisher: Olympia Publishers
Publication Date: March 30th, 2023
Pages: 312
Language: English