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Auntie Maggie and Her Five Nephews and Nieces

Auntie Maggie and Her Five Nephews and Nieces

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Publication Date: September 23rd, 2023
Cuento de Luz SL
The Winchester Book Gallery
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Auntie Maggie and her Five Nieces and Nephews -- is a tremendously original and funny picture book in which Maggie, an unconventional aunt, will have to survive a whole summer with her five nephews and nieces and their respective problems. An original and entertaining picture book that offers us an adventure full of humor, confidence, and courage at the beginning of childhood maturity and responsibility when children face difficulties and need help.How Auntie Maggie cares for her nephews and nieces and is involved in solving their problems is an example of how the teaching method makes all the difference to the success of the learning process.Funny, constructive, and always putting herself in place of her young nephews and nieces, she always has an optimal perspective that allows her to help them properly and contribute to making them better in whatever they set out to do; besides, involving them all in each of the resolutions will only enhance the virtues of all of them. A story perfectly accompanied by excellent artwork, in a completely new register for the artist, in which he offers us richly detailed and beautifully colored scenarios whose strokes manage to convey the funny situations the children encounter perfectly.Auntie Maggie and her Five Nieces and Nephews bring us a story about learning by making mistakes, having the courage to ask for help when we need it instead of giving up, and the extraordinary value of that beautiful confidence that makes us feel comfortable asking for the support we need. A beautiful book that explores all the opportunities that children have to grow, learn, improve, and be the best they can be. But above all, to ask for help and make it as constructive as possible so that they become more competent in dealing with the setbacks that may arise.

About the Author

Sandra AlonsoBorn in Zamora on 9 April 1993, she remembers spending hours as a child at her grandparents' house trying to find "Where's Wally" and reading "Teo at School". But it was not until later on that she found her vocation as a writer. It was always clear to her that she wanted to be an Early Childhood Education teacher, and her dream came true at the age of 22 with a specialization in Special Education.The subject of "Children's Literature" made her understand the importance of reading in childhood, and this idea took shape in 2015 with the creation of "My Children's Stories," where she shares her understanding of children's literature with the world.What began as an idea in the making became a project to promote reading, to which she also contributed with her writings. And so, in December 2018, her story as an author began, and she has now published eight books that have enriched her biography as a children's author. Enrique QuevedoEnrique Quevedo was born in Cadiz, Spain, in 1967 and currently lives in Seville. From an early age, Enrique was interested in drawing and also in the functioning of mechanical devices, which led him to study Fine Arts in Seville, where he graduated in painting. He is currently a full-time illustrator, working mainly on children's books (The Great Magician of the World, Fairground Lights and The Dance of Time) and collaborating with the gallery in Seville, La Caja China. His work has been exhibited in galleries in Barcelona, Jerez and at the ARCO fair in Madrid. In 2012 he won the Gold Medal for Best Illustrator at the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards 2012 and in 2014, he won Gold again in the Best Children's Book category at the Living Now Awards in the United States.