Kid Chef: Young Chef Cookbook - The Complete Cooking Book for Kids Who Love to Cook and Eat. Funny and Healthy Recipes to Prepar (Paperback)

Kid Chef: Young Chef Cookbook - The Complete Cooking Book for Kids Who Love to Cook and Eat. Funny and Healthy Recipes to Prepar By Betty Child, Junior Health Institute Cover Image
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Would you like to surprise your family preparing a tasty brunch on Sunday morning? Want to cook the most-awesome-ever Tacos? Or maybe are you looking for a delicious afternoon snack to enjoy with your friends?

Here's the deal... As a young beginner you might think that cooking is difficult... Learning to grill a steak on your own can be tricky, and the possibility to overcook it could be high. Don't worry... making mistakes is usual and sometimes they end up being the best learning experiences. However there are different ways to reduce mistakes in the kitchen, one of these could be buying a course. This may seem like a good idea but it is certainly expensive and time-consuming.

The best solution is a complete cooking manual with easy-to-follow and hands-on recipes with 50+ images.

Junior Health and Diet Institute structured this book making the SIMPLICITY its cornerstone. Every single recipe has been designed to be easily replicated step-by-step taking into account children's safety. All the recipes was kid tested and approved, it means that there are a lot of kids of different ages out there right now cooking, loving the process and the results.

Inside this book, you will go through a first section in which basic notions and essential prep steps are discussed, to get to the next chapters crafted specifically to help kids learn advanced cooking skills.

In the detail, kids will learn:

  • How to decode the "kitchen speak", from A to Z, with the most common words used in cookbooks
  • The checklist you have to follow in order to make sure you're ready to cook
  • Nutritional values simply explained and why it's important to know them for health
  • What are the most used ingredients and the most common preparations
  • 5 mistakes to avoid when you start cooking
  • The kitchen tools you can't do without and the list of items to always keep on hand
  • How to measure like pro to make the work easier
  • 3 advices you need to prepare your first own dish
  • More than 50 recipes for breakfast, main courses, snacks, beverages, desserts, and more...
  • Tips and tricks that will help you take your cooking skills to a next level
  • Extra content that you will appreciate as curious food enthusiast and engaged eater

This is what this cookbook offers to you, even if you're completely new to the cooking world or you are just looking to widen your skills as chef.

The best way to learn cooking is by doing and with this manual you will work through recipes studied to be immediately replicable in order to obtain a huge sense of achievement.

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ISBN: 9798633134568
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: April 1st, 2020
Pages: 118
Language: English