SSAT (Upper) Verbal: Analogies and Synonyms -1000+ Questions (Paperback)

SSAT (Upper) Verbal: Analogies and Synonyms -1000+ Questions By K. Williams Cover Image
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The verbal section of the Upper Level SSAT consists of synonyms and analogies, and tests vocabulary, verbal reasoning, and ability to relate ideas logically.
While the synonym questions test the strength of your vocabulary, the analogy questions measure your ability to relate ideas to each other logically.
You have 30 minutes to answer 60 questions, and under time pressure, it is all too common to see students fumbling about with their analogies & their vocabulary, losing precious time.
What is needed is to be able to look at a problem, and have a A-ha, I have seen it before, Moment
And that is what this book will help you do.
This book will help you become well conversant with the concepts, so you don't have to spend too much time thinking about how to approach the problem and which rules to apply.
.....and with over 1000 practice questions, you will get a wide exposure to the different types of questions you may get in the exam, and you can face the actual test with assurance and confidence.

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