Book Signing: NP Haley - The Audacious Ghost Adventures of Phineas A. Pennypacker

Fog rolled across the open meadow as Phineas, Lily and Ophelia stood watching with open mouths the scene playing out in front of them. On one side of the meadow stood the apparition of Phin’s long-dead dear Aunt Abby, next to her was the ghost of an old seadog named Scallywag Scruggs. Next to Scallywag stood the spirit of the young French boy, Baptiste, who had perished long ago while crossed the Atlantic. Baptiste was dancing around as if anxious for the fight to begin. Next to Baptiste stood an enormous ghost of an ancient English soldier who was dressed in his earthly battle attire with his hand on Baptiste shoulder as if holding him back. At the other end of the clearing; standing knee-deep in misty fog, stood the arrogant ghost of Napoleon himself, a massive spirit of the grizzly everyone called Banshee and next to Banshee stood a couple bloodthirsty pirates’ ghosts from the years of widespread pirating. Atop a small mound in the middle of the clearing stood the pious, elaborate ghost of the Archbishop of Canterbury holding an unrolled scroll from the Royal Treasury of Great Britain. The whole lot of them…including Phin, Lily and Ophelia…were vying for the Royal Treasure of Bad King John which vanished during the Rebellion of Peasants in 1831. 

With a loud, virtuous sniff, the Archbishop cleared his throat and began reading the scroll in a high-pitched squeaky shriek letting every ghost and apparition know, even though all of them were already dead, that anyone taking the Royal Treasure would be hung by the neck ‘til dead.
Then, with a roar loud enough to wake the dead, Phin’s Aunt Abby bellowed…“Charge”.

There was no stopping the bedlam which ensued.


Event date: 
Saturday, June 8, 2019 - 11:00am to 1:00pm
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7 North Loudoun Street
Winchester, VA 22601
The Audacious Ghost Adventures of Phineas A. Pennypacker Cover Image
ISBN: 9780578197869
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Published: Nikki Haley - October 12th, 2017

A great read for young adults and adults. Action filled murder mystery. The Audacious Ghost Adventures of Phineas A. Pennypacker is an action packed story of the hunt for King John's treasure which went missing in the 1200's and has been hunted by many throughout the they dead or alive.